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Is this what Apple's new iPhone 5 will look like?

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Is this what Apple's new iPhone 5 will look like?
There are many different rumors regarding Apple's next-generation iPhone (which will be introduced later this year), but all of them seem to agree on one thing: the new handset - quite possibly called iPhone 5 - will have a display of at least 4 inches.

This being said, KitGuru has managed to obtain some photos which reportedly show "a pre-release test sample" of the iPhone 5.

Spotted "in the Far East", this alleged new iPhone does seem to have a 4-inch display, and is slightly longer than the iPhone 4S - as you can see in the photos below.

Can we expect the new iPhone to look like this? Of course we can. Is this truly what it will look like? Well, this we do not know. But more leaks are likely on their way before Apple officially announces the device (maybe in late August, or early September), so let's sit back and wait for them.

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