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Two iPhones in September? Don't Hold Your Breath

Thursday, June 30, 2011

The iPhone 4 was released in June 2010. Rumors peg Apple's next iPhone to launch in September this year. (Photo: Jon Snyder/

Should we expect to see two new iPhones in September? Although it's an interesting possibility, it doesn't seem very likely.

Deutsche Bank analyst Chris Whitmore claims that Apple will be releasing two iPhone models in September: a completely new model — referred to as the iPhone 5 — and an essentially souped-up iPhone 4 called the iPhone 4S.

“With Nokia and RIMM struggling, the time is right for Apple to aggressively penetrate the midrange smartphone market (i.e. $300-500 category) to dramatically expand its [total addressable market] and market share,” Whitmore says.

Whitmore believes that an unlocked iPhone 4S with a $350 price tag and a prepaid voice plan would be able to penetrate markets that previous iPhone models have been unable to. Such markets include Africa, Asia and Latin America, where prepaid voice plans far outnumber post-paid plans, which dominate here in the United States.

Image: Deutsche Bank

The rumor of an affordable, prepaid iPhone has been floating around for several months now, particularly from financial analysts — and often with little to no actual proof. The most evidence for such a phone stems from statements by Apple COO Tim Cook that Apple understands “price is a big factor in the prepaid market," especially in China, and that it is "not ceding any market."

Other rumors about the upcoming iPhone that carry a bit more clout include the September launch date, improved A5 chip and 8-megapixel camera sensor and stylistic changes such as curved glass and a flat metal back.

A dual iPhone-model release seems pretty unlikely for several reasons. Firstly, financial analysts typically have a pretty poor track record at predicting anything Apple-related — although they did get a few things right about the iPad before it launched. Whitmore has no proof to substantiate his claim.

And as for affordability, Apple substantially reduces the price of previous iPhone models whenever a new one becomes available. The iPhone 3GS is currently sold for $50, for example. Apple and its carriers, AT&T and Verizon, would only need to introduce a new prepaid pricing option for older iPhone models; there's no need to create an entirely different phone model for markets that favor prepaid voice plans.

Apple also recently made its GSM model available unlocked for $650. Not cheap, but an option for those who don't want to stick with AT&T or Verizon's standard data plans here in the United States, or for those who want to use it internationally.

Apple just has no need to release two new iPhone models in September, or whenever the company decides to lift the curtain on its latest smartphone.
source: Gadget Lab

Scam Detector helps you detect scams with your iPhone

Are you the sort of person who's always falling for scams? Are you having trouble telling apart what is real and what isn't? Fortunately there's a solution just for people like you. The folks over at Amos Studios have announced the launch of a new app called Scam Detector. Made for the iPhone, this iOS app reveals some of the most popular scams in the world so the next time you encounter something too good to be true or outlandish, you can just run it through the app to see whether it's real or not.

The scams are divided into nine different categories: auto, face to face, telephone, travel, and internet (which is broken into five areas: social networking, financial, employment, housing and online auctions). So the next time you see a link to an Osama video or the latest “make money from home!” advertisement, you won't be caught off guard.

All you have to do is enter a few keywords describing the scam and the app will search its database for anything related, which from then you can make an informed decision about whether or not what you're looking at is a scam (it probably is). Users who encounter scams that aren't in the database can even submit scams they've discovered, which is a good way to expand the number of

The Scam Detector is available now from the Apple App Store for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. It will set you back $0.99 but there's a Lite version for you to tryout (it detects less scams than the full version). An Android version is in the works.
source: Ubergizmo

Next iPhone to have dual-LED flash?

Digitimes' sources in Taiwan say that the iPhone 5 is likely to come with dual-LED lights to act as a camera flash (and the inevitable number of flashlight apps).

AppleInsider last week reported that Apple has reduced its orders of the LED Lumileds lights from Phillips. The reduction in orders could be linked to a part change as Apple transitions from the iPhone 4 to the next one, which will begin production in a few months' time we presume.

Taiwanese LED firms Everlight Electronics, Edison Opto and Lite-On Technology are believed to be in the running for making the next LED flash for Apple, though all three have denied working on a dual-LED solution. Of course, that could just be Apple's imposed policy of secrecy.

Dual-LED flash technologies are already being used on a number of high-end handsets on the market and made famous by Nokia that common use dual-LED or Xenon flash in their flagship smartphones few years back.

More Hello Kitty iPhone 4 Cases

Hello Kitty is insanely popular for whatever reason, and it's really no surprise that there would Hello Kitty iPhone casings. In fact, Hello Kitty is just so popular that regardless whether the casing is officially licensed or it's unofficial, it does not matter because there will be fans who just love Hello Kitty so much that it doesn't matter to them. Those of you who are fans, but are particular about whether it's an official Hello Kitty casing, can rest easy because now you have several official selections to choose from.

An online store, Japan Trend Shop, has recently started selling Hello Kitty iPhone 4 cases which have been officially licensed from Sanrio, the company that is behind the Hello Kitty brand. They come in four flavors – Bad Dots, Candy Pop, All Gray and Crazy Color, and they will be retailing at $98 each. Rather pricey for just a regular iPhone case, but I guess like most branded items, such as the LV iPhone case, you're paying more for the name itself, rather than the protection that it offers.

If that sounds good to you, then just head on down to Japan Trend Shop's website to order your Hello Kitty iPhone 4 casings today.
source: Ubergizmo

Make Your iPhone Look Like A Mac Keyboard With This Case

If you've ever had the desire to make your gadgets fit in with each other in terms of design, and you also happen to own a Mac computer, then perhaps this keyboard case will be the perfect companion for your iPhone 4 and your other Apple gadgets and computers. Granted it probably doesn't look like a Mac keyboard as the keys are black, but the chiclet-styled buttons and the white background the buttons rest on, could probably pass off as a Mac keyboard, or you could fool your friends into thinking that it's a new design by Apple.

What makes it so great other than its novelty value, is the fact that the keys can actually be pressed, giving you tactile feedback, so not only is it used for gags on co-workers and friends, but for those who just can't keep their hands still, perhaps pretending to type out a word document or an angry e-mail to your boss on the back of your iPhone will prove to be rather fun, or even a stress reliever.

For those of you not digging the white and black combination, there are a multitude of colors for you to choose from, and the case will only set you back $12.94, so head on down to iWOWCases and order yours today.
source: Ubergizmo

iPhone production starts on August, launch on September, a mid-range variant may tag along

As the iPhone 5 speculations reach fever pitch, it's now been predicted that Apple may actually release not 1 but 2 models of the iPhone this fall. However, this is not the first time such rumour surfaced on the Internet thought, as the rumour appeared earlier this year but was shot down by Apple itself.

The first being an iPhone 4S of sorts, which is positioned to be a mid-range phone in terms of price (rumoured to be US$349) and coming unlocked as well. The 4S may also come with a prepaid plan in the US, which may just entice more people to jump on the Apple bandwagon. Of course, the other one is the iPhone 5 which is what everyone is expecting, one that comes with the dual-core and all the bells and whistles.

Mogan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty claims that Apple will begin production of their iPhone 5 come August and probably go on sale in September, which is consistent with earlier leaks.

iPhone 3GS to be the low end iPhone?

Apple never has to announce anything to stay in the spotlight of the news, and this latest rumor stems from an analyst at BMO Capital, Keitch Bachman. Apparently when the next generation iPhone arrives later this year, something interesting is going to happen: Apple will be discontinuing the iPhone 4. According to Bachman, the “low-end” iPhone that Apple will be keeping around is going to be the iPhone 3GS.

Is it because the next generation iPhone will look too much like the iPhone 4 that there's no point in keeping it around? Well until we've got final confirmation from Apple, we'll just take have to these rumors with a pinch of salt.
source: Ubergizmo

iOS 5 makes life harder for jailbreakers

It looks like previous reports about iOS 5 being just as easy to muck around with as iOS 4 were but a short lived reality. According to the latest reports from the Dev-Team (one of the groups that works on iPhone jailbreaks), iOS 5 will make life harder for jailbreakers. Starting with iOS 5, once you've upgraded your firmware to the latest version of iOS, you won't be able to downgrade the device to an older version of the operating system.

What this means is that if you update your iOS device to a newer version, and find out that it is un-jailbreakable you won't be able to rollback to an older version to jailbreak it. No more upgrading to try out the latest iOS and then going back to the previous version to get your jailbreak back. So you'll need to be extra patient if you'd like to have the latest version of iOS and want to keep your device jailbroken.
source: Ubergizmo

Both iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S coming this fall?

If you're worried about not seeing a new iPhone this year, you really shouldn't be. Apple is almost surely going to unveil a brand new smartphone soon. In fact, chances are that the Cupertino giant will introduce two new iPhones before the end of 2011.

According to Fortune, which quotes Deutsche Bank director / analyst Chris Whitmore, "the time is right for Apple" to launch a cheaper iPhone, alongside a new high-end model.

The cheaper handset should be the iPhone 4S - presumably a slightly redesigned iPhone 4 (pictured below – in the improbable case you don't know what it looks like). This should have some new / enhanced capabilities, and could be sold for about $350 off contract, thus easily luring users in emerging markets into the iOS realm.

The higher-end new iPhone, which may be called iPhone 5, should be Apple's response to the current and future dual-core Android smartphones (and, why not, also to the upcoming Windows Phone Mango handsets). I'd say the time is right for Apple to also change that 3.5 inch screen with a larger one - and the iPhone 5 could certainly have a larger screen, while the iPhone 4S could keep the 3.5 inch format (this way, compared to the iPhone 5, the 4S would be an iPhone Nano).

Of course, this isn't based on actual facts: Deutsche Bank's man doesn't seem to have any concrete inside info on Apple's plans. What he is saying is based only on studying the current global smartphone market. So an iPhone 5 & iPhone 4S duo may not be introduced this year after all.

In any case, at least one new iPhone may become available as soon as September. Morgan Freeman analyst Katy Huberty has reportedly visited Taiwan, and contacted various sources there - this allowed her to declare that "Apple's next iPhone will begin production in mid to late August" (and yes, it isn't the first time we're hearing this).

According to the graph below, Apple could produce almost 20 million new iPhones in the fourth quarter of this year.
source: Unwired View

AT&T to unlock new iPhone 4s

It is said that those who purchase spanking new iPhone 4s at Apple retail stores might soon be provided with an AT&T version which is unlocked on the spot – assuming the Apple retail store runs out of the unlocked model, of course. This more or less points toward the suggestion that Apple boasts the capability of unlocking the AT&T version of the iPhone 4, at least according to 9to5 Mac. To put it in a nutshell, if an Apple retail stores actually runs out of unlocked iPhone 4 units, all they need to do is pick up an AT&T iPhone and the checkout system, followed by unlocking the device assuming you fork out the full, unsubsidized price.

It must be said that all the while Apple had sold iPhones in the US sans contract at full retail price in the past, they were authorized to sell AT&T-locked iPhone units, but with a slightly revamped retail system now, things are changed – for the better, do you think so? If this move continues, Apple is able to stock less models of the iPhone going forward, so that they need not have to maintain inventories for each individual model, regardless of whether they're locked or unlocked.
source: Ubergizmo

Apple iPhone 5 production to begin this summer?

It seems that Apple's much talked about next-generation iPhone has gone through the rumor mill so many times, you can't quite tell what is what now. The latest analyst report claims that Apple will be kicking off production of their next-generation iPhone later this summer – which is slightly ahead of the projected late Q3 launch. According to Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty, having issued the note to clients today after the conclusion of meetings in Taiwan last week, touted that “Apple's next iPhone will begin production in mid to late August and ramp aggressively”.

What do you think? If you are not in a hurry to purchase a new iPhone, will this piece of news make you wait so that the newest model will arrive in your hands? Or do you don't really care about whether you have the latest model, only knowing that an iPhone 4 in your hands is good enough for everyday use? Only time will tell as usual in cases like these.
source: Ubergizmo

Your iPhone 4 next case: Strapya Japanese beetle Case

Summer is upon us in Japan and what most Japanese father and kids love to do during summer is to hunt for gorgeous beetles. Now While most of them will die once capture, Strapya decided that they had to do something for these beetles maniac that would both save many little beetles and make many Japanese happy. And this something is this limited yet gorgeous beetle case for iPhone 4... Yes I know, totally useless/weird yet so much desirable!
source: Akihabara News

Hello Kitty iPhone 4 cases, popularity turns them into rare & exclusive

Monday, June 27, 2011

Hello Kitty never seems to return bad sales figures, it never fails to impress the fans and it surely never leaves a new stock untouched for weeks. The new iPhone 4 cases designed by Sanrio Ltd are selling so well that they have quadrupled in price only days after initial release. Few retailers out there still have stock left and if you are out to grab one we would advise you to be fast.

4 patterns have been produced currently in limited quantities for the Japanese market, turning them into an instant sales hit!
source: Akihabara News

Special Savings on the RichardSolo 1800mAh iPhone Backup Battery

Sunday, June 26, 2011

The RichardSolo Company is offering special savings to Gadgeteer readers. They are offering their RichardSolo 1800 for iPhone 3G/3GS/4 and iPod backup battery for only $5.98 – original price was $49.95. This is a rechargeable 1800mAh that has enough reserves to completely charge your iPhone and have power left over. It works with iPhone 3G, 3GS, and 4, and with all iPods except for the shuffle. It comes with a USB cable, AC wall charger, and a dual-USB car charger. The charger is equipped with an LED flashlight and a red laser pointer. To get the $5.98 price, enter the the code fireworks at checkout. Order more than one and your price drops to $5.09 each. This offer is valid only in the US and expires July 31, 2011, while supplies last.
source: The Gadgeteer

Skullcandy Unveils Retro Looking Vandal iPhone Speaker Dock

Saturday, June 25, 2011

For those unfamiliar with Skullcandy, they're a company that produces skate/punk styled headphones, usually with pretty loud graphics and colors, fitting the whole skate/punk look if that's what you're aiming for. In their latest offering, the Vandal iPhone speaker dock, it looks like the company may have decided that just this once, to step away from the whole skater/punk image, and if only for just this particular product.

Designwise, we think that the Vandal iPhone speaker dock looks pretty retro/vintage and sleek, what with the black and gold. In fact the front portion of the speakers reminds me of a Marshall guitar amplifier head. Perhaps it was inspired? Comparing it to their line of headphones, this is a rather huge departure in terms of design.

However despite the rather retro/vintage look, underneath the hood the Vandal iPhone speaker dock packs 80mm woofers and 19mm tweeters, with a total output of 21 watts. Pretty decent specifics by all accounts. If you're looking to get your hands on the speaker dock however, be prepared to fork over $179.99 for it.
source: Ubergizmo

Third Rail Slim Case and Smart Battery System for iPhone 4 Review

You choose a sleek new smartphone, then the internal war begins: case or no case? Cases can obscure the looks that attracted you to the phone in the first place or make it much heavier. Or you find out that all those features drain your battery so quickly that you can't make it through a long day without needing to recharge. External batteries can keep you going all day, but it's hard to use a phone with a big battery pack dangling from the charging port. Some cases have built-in batteries, but they are too big and heavy to keep on your phone all the time. Third Rail offers a case and external battery system that gives you what you want - protection and power - without the things you don't want - bulk. Let's look at the Third Rail System for iPhone 4 I received for review.

In the Box

Slim Case

Smart Battery

USB to micro USB cable

USB adapter for charging other devices

Note: Some images may be clicked for an enlarged view.

The Third Rail Slim Case is a thin, two-piece case that slides on to your AT&T or Verizon iPhone 4. The case is made of hard plastic and is only available in black. The outside has a rubbery coating; inside is smooth and shiny. The case is a snug fit. There are three little copper rails on the back of the case that act as the battery contact.

Bottom with power switch and sync/charge connector.

The Slim Case covers the back and sides of the iPhone, but it leaves the back camera, power button, headphone jack, microphone, volume buttons, and the mute button open. The bottom of the case extends past the bottom of the phone, and there's a standard Apple docking connector inside that plugs into the iPhone 4. Openings are left on both sides of the bottom so you can still hear the speakers. There is also a micro USB connector and a switch on the bottom of the case.

The Smart Battery is a thin black rectangle with three of the copper rails on the outside and a rechargeable 1250mAh lithium-ion battery inside. The back of the battery has four tabs that attach it to the case and three copper contacts that will line up with the rails on the case.

The battery is about 3.2" long X 1.75" wide. The case is about 4.8" long X 2.4" wide X 0.4" thick without the battery or 0.6" thick with the battery. It weighs about 0.9 oz alone, or 2.29 oz with the battery in place.

You'll notice I gave measurements with and without the battery. The beauty of the Third Rail System is that you leave the thin, protective case on the iPhone 4 all the time, but you only attach the heavy battery when you need to supply extra power to your phone. Simply snap the Smart Battery to the back of the Slim Case and flip the switch on the bottom of the case to start recharging your iPhone 4.

You won't have to take the Slim Case off to charge and sync the iPhone 4. Connect the phone to your computer with the included micro USB cable to sync and charge it. If you install the Smart Battery, both the phone and battery will be charged. Circuitry directs current to charge the iPhone 4 completely before sending power to the Smart Battery.

The 5 LEDs on the bottom of the battery blink as it charges. Charging is complete when the lights turn off. There's a button under the LEDs. Press it and the LEDs light up to show the remaining charge.

Because the battery and case are separate, you can buy extra Smart Batteries to be sure you'll never run out of power. You can charge the battery alone by plugging the micro USB charging cable directly into it. The batteries have the connectors on the back and the copper rails on the front, and they have tabs on the back and slots on the front. You can connect all your batteries together and charge them all at once. Even better, you can connect all your partially charged Smart Batteries together and they'll consolidate all their power to top off power on the fullest battery.

Finally, you'll notice an extra connector on the bottom of the Smart Battery that's marked out. If you use the short USB adapter cable, you can use the Smart Battery to charge up another device, such as a Bluetooth headset, MP3 player, or similar items. You can also charge your iPhone 4, Smart Battery, and another device all at once using the micro USB cable. Now you know why they're called Smart Batteries!

I found the case to be fairly comfortable on my iPhone 4. It added weight, but it didn't seem to change the size of the phone otherwise. The case didn't interfere with the operation of the back camera at all. Since it leaves the front of the iPhone 4 completely open, there is no chance it will interfere with the front-facing camera or the ambient light or proximity sensors.

It felt much heavier with the battery in place, but it wasn't uncomfortable to use - especially when you remember this is only a temporary configuration. My iPhone 4 had about a 71% charge when I plugged in the battery. It was completely charged (the lightning bolt had changed to the plug on the battery icon) in 67 minutes. The Smart Battery still showed 4 out of 5 LEDs when I checked its power. The 1250mAh capacity of the battery is only about 87% of the iPhone 4's 1440mAh battery. Inefficiencies of transferring power inherent with any external battery will result in about a 60-70% charge of a completely drained iPhone 4's internal battery from the Smart Battery.

I disconnected the Smart Battery from the iPhone and used it as an external battery to charge up my iPod nano. The nano showed about 50% power to start. It was charged to 100 % (power plug showing on the battery icon) in about 71 minutes. The Smart Battery was still showing 4 out of 5 LEDs.

The Third Rail System is very flexible. Right now, they only offer the Slim Case for the iPhone 4, but they mentioned plans to introduce cases for other devices in the future. That means you'll be able to use the Smart Batteries you own with a new phone just by purchasing a new case. It also means that everyone in the family can have Slim Cases for their phones and share a Smart Battery. You can purchase the complete System for iPhone 4 (Slim Case, Smart Battery, and cables) for $89.99. Extra Slim Cases (available for iPhone 4 only right now) are $39.99, and an extra Smart Battery with cables is $59.99.

I usually don't like phone cases with external batteries built in because they are clunky and heavy. I do like the Third Rail System for iPhone 4. Most of the time, my phone is in only the Slim Case, which adds little bulk. I only have to use the heavy battery when I need it. Unlike most other battery cases, the battery is always available for emergency power for other devices, too. And it's flexibility means that it won't be obsolete the minute you upgrade to the iPhone 5. The only thing I don't like is that it's only available in black. I'm bored with nothing-but-black electronics.
source: The Gadgeteer

iTrem lets your iPhone monitor Parkinson's disease

It's time to add one more item to the never ending list of things the iPhone can do. The folks over at the Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) have managed to develop an iPhone app that allows users to monitor Parkinson's disease and other neurological conditions - by collecting data from arm and hand tremors.

The app, called iTrem, makes use of the built-in accelerometer found in the iPhone to collect data from a patient who's at home or at the office. The data is then sent to medical personnel who know what to do with the data. Using the app, patients can monitor their conditions without having to pay costly visits to medical facilities.

Future developments will include additional Parkinson's related tests, and possibly the ability to detect and analyze dyskinesia, a movement disorder. iTrem is currently undergoing clinical study at Emory University and will need to receive approval from the FDA before it is put up on the Apple App Store, which is expected to happen later this year.
source: Ubergizmo

Skullcandy Vandal iPhone Speaker Dock

The Skullcandy Vandal iPhone Speaker Dock features a vintage amp exterior that houses modern technology. Designed for iPod touch and iPhone, the speaker dock has 80mm woofers and 19mm tweeters with a total output of 21 Watts. What's more, there is also a 3.5mm input on the speaker, so that you can connect just about any music device to it. The Skullcandy Vandal Speaker Dock retails for $179.99 a pop.
source: TechFresh

Apple sues Samsung again for copying the iPhone's design, this time in South Korea

As if Apple and Samsung's patent infringement catfight weren't distracting enough, Apple is recreating the legal spectacle in Samsung's home country of South Korea. Apple just filed a suit against Samsung Electronics in Seoul Central District Court, with Cupertino alleging that the Samsung Galaxy S copies the third-generation iPhone, according to a report from the online news site, MoneyToday. That closely matches the claims Apple made when it it sued Samsung back in April for “slavishly” copying the iPhone and iPad. Since then, Apple's expanded its case to include additional Samsung devices, including the Droid Charge, Infuse 4G, Nexus S 4G, Galaxy Tab 10.1, Galaxy S II, and a handful of others. Meanwhile, Samsung has attempted (in vain) to subpoena prototypes of Apple's next-gen iPhone and iPad. We wouldn't be surprised if Samsung abandoned its efforts to peek Apple's forthcoming products, but if this is, indeed, destined to be a case of déjà vu, Samsung might well strike back with a suit of its own.

Over one million iPhone users are on T-Mobile

Thursday, June 23, 2011

The iPhone is a popular phone, without a doubt, but how popular is it? Well, the folks over at 9to5Mac recently spoke with a T-Mobile spokesperson and discovered that there are over a million iPhone users on the carrier's network; and T-Mobile doesn't even sell the iPhone! While they make up only about 3% of T-Mobile's customers, which might seem like an insignificant number, those users aren't even able to access the carrier's 3G or 4G network. Let's not forget the trouble that they have to go to in order to unlock their devices and cut up their SIM cards in order to make it work with the iPhone 4′s micro SIM card slot.

It has been rumored that the next iPhone will be able to work on all four major carriers in the US, but nothing has been officially confirmed. After all I'm pretty sure Apple would be happy to have an extra million customers who want a 3G iPhone. Though with AT&T and T-Mobile in the process of merging - T-Mobile users might not have to worry about that anymore. Any of you out there using an iPhone on T-Mobile?
source: Ubergizmo

Strapya gives you a tast of Japan with its latest iPhone4 Cases

Love Japanese food? Love your iPhone? So here you are for you're the ultimate cases for your beloved smartphone! Proposed by the excellent but rather enigmatic and not so open Strapya here you are for the month of June and July their latest iPhone cases with for June the Cold Ramen Case and for July the Unagi Don Case (eel on top of rice).

Ultimately unpractical but so amazingly well done that we can't stop thinking in getting one of them!
source: Akihabara News

Case-Mate's $300 Titanium iPhone 4 Case

Not too long ago we found the official Louis Vuitton iPhone 4 cases on sale and we thought that $290 was just too much to pay for an iPhone 4 casing, considering it was almost half the price of a brand new unlocked iPhone 4. Today we found a case that has topped the Louis Vuitton's price by an additional $10.

Meet Case-Mate's iPhone 4 case that's made out of Titanium which "combines detailed precision work with premium materials by physically reframing the iPhone with a genuine titanium edge." It's so hardcore that it requires screws to be screwed in and held together, but don't worry, the $300 that you spend will get you a toolkit that comes with screws and a mini screwdriver.

Perhaps not as flashy as the Louis Vuitton casing and it'll probably attract more guys than girls (I've yet to find a girl who is more impressed by a Titanium casing than a Louis Vuitton casing) but it does look rather sleek and very elegant which I guess is a good thing for those who require a sturdy casing that doesn't attract unnecessary attention. The case should also fit both AT&T's and Verizon's iPhone 4 so if you're looking to get your hands on it just head on down to Case-Mate's website.
source: Ubergizmo

The Case-mate iPhone Case Costs $300; Why?

Is the recession not affecting you and have $300 to spend on an iPhone 4 case? Then Case-mate is for you! But wait, why does it cost that much?

Apparently, using titanium as the main material could be costly, even for an iPhone 4 case. That metal is known for its strength, light weight, and anti-corrosive features. I should know; I have a titanium frying pan that also doubles as a wok. That thing has been with us for almost 10 years now.

But then again, for an iPhone 4 case, I think you could be better off with the aircraft aluminum-made Vapor, which is way cheaper. Still absurdly priced at $80, but at least it ain't $300.

But if you insist, the Case-mate will be up for sale beginning June 27.

iPhone 4 is Flickr's most popular camera

If there was a popularity contest, then surely the Apple iPhone would have picked up a fair number of accolades to date, including being the most popular camera used to capture images that are then uploaded onto the popular photo sharing site, Flickr. The iPhone 4′s 5-megapixel shooter has passed the Nikon D90 at long last as the top camera, which took a year since it debuted in June 2010. This means under the iPhone 4 would be the mainstay D90, the Canon EOS 5D Mark II, Canon EOS Digital Rebel XSi and the EOS Rebel T1i.

In another piece of news, it is not surprising to see the iPhone 4 dominating the cameraphone category as well, where its closest competitor is yet another Apple device – the iPhone 3G, lying in a distant second. Surely the question will arise – are there any non-Apple products at all in the top five cameraphones category? The answer is yes, the Android-powered HTC Evo 4G that is right at the very bottom alongside the iPod touch.
source: Ubergizmo

Apple's iPhone Patent Could Prove Problematic for Nearly All Touchscreen Devices

Apple was just awarded its iPhone patent three-and-a-half years after filing. Patent number 7,966,578 was awarded for “[a] computer-implemented method, for use in conjunction with a portable multifunction device with a touch screen display, [that] comprises displaying a portion of page content, including a frame displaying a portion of frame content and also including other content of the page, on the touch screen display.” Depending on how loosely you interpret that excerpt and others from within the filing documents, the patent could grant Apple control over nearly any device using a capacitive screen and multitouch interface. This could potentially give Apple all the ammunition it would need to bully nearly every competitor out of the market. This includes Android handset makers.

Even more, the patent seems to cover the same technology in tablets and personal media players. Do we see the problem developing here? One patent expert told PCMag that “unless the patent is invalidated, it would allow Apple to stifle innovation.” However, this is an extreme case. There is the chance that the patent is only deemed valid when applied directly to Apple's iPhone, only covering its interface and web interactions. It would still create legal problems for competitors making touchscreen smartphones, but Apple's case wouldn't be nearly as strong. The most likely result of this patent won't be an Apple monopoly of the touchscreen device market, but rather a series of settlements that see manufacturers such as HTC and Samsung licensing the technology from Apple for a hefty fee.
source: Android Phone

Judge Denies Samsung's Request to See Next-Gen iPhone, iPad

When Samsung requested to take a peek at the upcoming iPhone 5 and iPad 3 as part of ongoing litigation in their current infringement lawsuit, Apple laughed at the proposition. The whole move was in response to the court granting Apple the privilege to scope out newly released and upcoming products from Samsung. The court won't be giving Samsung the same luxury, as they have sided with Apple and denied Samsung's request.

A silver lining emerges from the 11-page document penned by Judge Lucy Koh in the form of the following excerpt:

“Samsung is free to argue, for instance, that there is little likelihood of confusion because consumers will not encounter its products side-by-side with the iPhone 4 or iPad 2, but rather with Apple’s next generation iPhone and iPad. Similarly, as to proximity, Samsung is free to argue that because the iPhone 4 and iPad 2 will soon be outmoded and reduced in price, they are not being sold (or very soon will not be sold) to the same class of purchasers who are likely to buy new Samsung products. By choosing to allege infringement only of its current products, Apple opens itself up to these arguments.”

The above text suggests the court may not grant Apple the preliminary injunction they are requesting to halt the release and sale of future Samsung smartphones and tablets. The reason being that Samsung could sufficiently argue that their new products more directly compete with the iPhone 5 and iPad 3 rather than the iPhone 4 and iPad 2, and a true comparison could not be made until Apple's next-gen lineup is revealed. As we are well aware, that should only be a matter of months away in the case of the new iPhone.
source: Android Phone

iPhone 5 coming in September, iPad with Retina display and more

The Apple WWDC event came and passed this month without an iPhone announcement for the first time since they launched the original 2G in 2007. Speculations about the launch date of the iPhone 5 (or 4S) have been circling around ever since.

New info brought to light by Bloomberg pinpoints September as the most probable time for the announcement and launch of the next-gen iPhone. Apple have a traditional September event, which however has so far been focused on iPods and music.

Bloomberg cites two unknown people, which are familiar with the next iPhone. It's no secret that a prototype iPhone "4S" (sharing the iPad 2's dual-core A5 chip) has been given to certain developers - so it really isn't hard to believe that the next iPhone is on its way to millions of inpatient fans. The question is only "WHEN?"

Bloomberg also shares that apart from the upgraded processor, the next iPhone will have a more advanced camera. This could mean improvement in the sensor, technology and so forth but doesn't exactly give out the resolution. Hopefully it will be an 8 MP unit with 1080p video capture.

There's also a rumor that the next iPad is being tested currently. It supposedly has a higher resolution display and that's about it. We've heard that one before about an iPad with a 4 times greater resolution (2048x1536). Remember, this rumor is based on graphics found in the latest iOS 5 SDK. We've heard rumors of next-gen iPad coming as soon as this Fall before but we've never thought there's much truth in it.

We're not done yet folks. It seems that a cheaper iPhone is in the works, intended for developing countries. That sounds ridiculous for a premium hardware manufacturer like Apple, but hey - we might as well pass on the information. It isn't the first time we've heard of such nonsense.

Finally (yes, this is it) we've heard through the grapevine that Apple is thinking of "reinventing" the TV segment with its own iOS-wearing-big-screen-flaunting TV. Yes - an Apple HDTV with AirPlay, apps and all. AppleInsider claims a new product line is about to spawn. Though we find the idea of Apple's design and high-quality screens combined with the smart internals of a iOS device a great one, we somehow doubt that Apple, the computer company, will be dipping its toes on the HDTV market.


Apple iPhone 5 has dual LED flash?

One of the more notable news that concerns the upcoming Apple iPhone (let's just call it the iPhone 5 for convenience's sake) would be its September 2011 release date. That ought to get you to sit up and take notice, what with an A5 processor which is similar to that in the iPad 2 alongside an 8-megapixel camera crammed inside its presumably unibody form factor. Well, here is a new rumor that has started to circulate – we are looking at dual LED flash in the iPhone 5 – although nothing of that sort has been confirmed just yet, but Taiwan-based LED packaging firms Everlight Electronics, Edison Opto and Lite-On Technology have already been speculated to be the most likely suppliers of said dual LED flash since they all do produce this particular smartphone part.

Just how the heck did this rumor come about? Some folks thought so because market reports do point towards Apple reducing its orders for Lumileds high-power LED flash products from Philips recently, having switched orders for LED flashes to Taiwan manufacturers instead. Do you think dual LED flash would be the tipping point for you to purchase an iPhone 5 when it comes out?
source: Ubergizmo

Give your iPhone4 a nice GameBoy look and feel

Just released already unavailable, but these gorgeous unofficial Nintendo GameBoy Cases for iPhone4 was sold at around $8.90 on

Northing much to report since the page on this product are now down, but I am sure that someone else will find a way to bring these cases to eBay sooner or later.
source: Akihabara News

Rumor Repeat: iPhone 5 Lands September With Faster A5 Chip

Apple plans to launch a new iPhone in September that brings the handset up to speed with the iPad 2 tablet, according to reports.

The fifth-generation iPhone will include the faster A5 processor that debuted in the iPad 2 in April as well as an 8-megapixel camera, according to Bloomberg, who cites “two people familiar with the product.”

The rumor comes in line with previous reports that hinted a September debut for an iPhone 5 equipped with an A5 chip and 8-megapixel camera sensor.

Previous rumors added that the iPhone 5 will have a flat metal back, “curved” cover glass (possibly to improve comfort) and will become available on the T-Mobile and Sprint networks, in addition to AT&T and Verizon.

The iPhone is Apple's best-selling product, accounting for the majority of the company's overall revenues. Traditionally, Apple has released new iPhones every summer around June or July. However, the February release of the Verizon iPhone and the April release of the white iPhone 4 may have compelled Apple to wait until September to give the products a longer shelf life.
source: Gadget Lab

Elecom External Battery Charger For Apple iPhone And Samsung Galaxy S

Elecom today introduced a new external battery charger for the Apple iPhone 4 and Samsung Galaxy S. Available in 4700mAh and 3000mAh capacities, these external battery chargers are now available in the Japanese market. The 4700mAh version is priced at 8,400 Yen ($), while the 3000mAh model retails for 7,000 Yen ($87). [Akihabara]

New iPhone 4S / 5 tipped for September launch (again)

While there's still confusion regarding the name of Apple's fifth-generation iPhone (will it be iPhone 5? iPhone 4S? Something else?), here's new pseudo-evidence that the smartphone will be introduced pretty soon.

Bloomberg has it that "people familiar with the plans" say the new iPhone will arrive in September. We've certainly heard about this before, as well as about the features of Apple's next-gen handset, which should include a dual-core A5 processor, and an 8MP camera.

Design-wise, it's said that the new iPhone will "closely resemble" the iPhone 4 (pictured below). Needless to say, the iPhone 4S / iPhone 5 will run iOS 5.

Bloomberg also reports that Apple's about to finish a smaller and cheaper iPhone (iPhone Nano?) that should be targeted at users in developing markets.
source: Unwired View

Bloomberg Spills On iPhone 5 Release and more rumours that we already know

No new iPhone announced in the 2011, not even the "one more thing" magic from Steve Jobs can bring the iPhone. So, they broke the annual routine, now what? The internet has been abuzz with the rumours of the next iterations of the wildly successful iPhone and iPad.

With all sorts of speculation on the design and features of the new devices, Bloomberg have blown the lid open on a release date for the iPhone 5. According to two sources which are “familiar with Apple's plans”, the iPhone 5 is set to launch this September and there is also talk of that iPhone Nano that has been on everyone's minds since the mock-ups earlier this year.

According to the sources, the iPhone 5 will have the same processor as the iPad 2 in the form of the dual-core A5 as well as an 8MP camera. It will also come with iOS 5 out of the box as expected. With reference to the iPad 3, the sources could only say that it has a higher resolution screen, similar to that of the iPhone 4.

Lastly in a Bloomberg report they have this to say about the speculated iPhone Nano:

"Apple is also working to finish a cheaper version of the iPhone aimed at attracting customers in developing countries, the people said. This device would use chips and displays of similar quality to today's iPhone 4, the people said. Apple's work on a smaller, lower-priced version of the device was discussed by people familiar with the matter in February."

All been told, these are all just repetitive rumours going the round since early this year. Anything new? The launch of the iPad 3 is also highly unlikely for this year anyway, so relax and grab that spanky new white iPad 2.

Verizon Prepares to Kill Unlimited Data Plans

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Unlimited smartphone data plans are going the way of the dodo bird.

Verizon Wireless confirmed on Monday it would soon be changing its wireless data pricing plans in July, ending its longstanding unlimited data plan option for smartphone users, priced at a very affordable $30 monthly.

“We will move to a more usage-based model in July," a Verizon Wireless spokeswoman told AllThingsDigital in an e-mail. “We'll share more later.”

In other words, Verizon is moving to a tiered data pricing model, just like its rival AT&T did last year.

Although Verizon didn't expound upon the exact details of the new pricing model, the mobile blog site Droid Life claims to have received inside information on the new tiered usage plan. Expected to debut on July 7, Droid Life claims the new model will cost $30 monthly for 2 GB, $50 monthly for 5 GB, and $80 monthly for 10 GB of data.

With the rise of smartphones over the past three years, mobile access to data connections has grown tremendously. U.S. smartphone data usage has spiked at an 89 percent increase from last year, according to research from Nielsen. Most users, however, are essentially paying the same amount for their data plans as they were a year ago. Effectively, this means a decrease in cost per megabyte of data — about half of what it once was.

And the carriers, of course, want to get paid more, so they're altering their data plans to give customers less bang for their buck. AT&T ended its unlimited data buffet last year. In May, T-Mobile introduced a tiered pricing structure to high-speed data access that throttles your connection speed after reaching your allotted amount.Verizon pulled the data-throttling maneuver earlier in the year, although it tried to sweep it under the rug in an unpublicized memo. And now Verizon is getting ready to kill its unlimited data plan, too.

Sprint is currently the only carrier to offer an unlimited data plan. The company hiked its rates slightly at the beginning of this year, however, tacking on a $10 “Premium Data” plan fee for any customer who purchases a smartphone. The fee applies to both 3G and 4G Sprint phones purchased or upgraded during or after mid-January of 2011.

And then there's tethering – the ability to share your smartphone's 3G or 4G internet connection with another device, such as a computer. If you want to add tethering capability to your phone, prepare to shell out even more dough. AT&T charges you an extra $20 a month to enable tethering on your smartphone, though that still doesn't buy you a bump in your monthly data limit. Verizon may give you a better deal, although it's still not cheap: According to Droid Life, an extra $20 a month to Verizon will get you tethering capability, as well as tack on an additional 2 GB of data to your monthly limit. Not a bad way to outdo AT&T.

Confused? Don't worry, you're supposed to be. Luckily, we've got an explainer chart below for some clarity on who's offering what data plan, and for how much.
source: Gadget Lab

Withings Blood Pressure Monitor turns your iPhone into a medical instrument

There's no doubt that the iPhone is one of the most versatile mobile devices around, along with the iPod Touch and iPad, the trio of iOS devices have found applications in pretty much every industry - from art to photography to education; you're bound to find an iOS device being used in some way or another. One of the most important the iOS devices have been able to find success in is the medical field. From being used as surgery aids, to reference manuals, there are pretty much apps for everything.

Withings, a French company, recognizes this and has decided to add one more function the iOS devices: by turning them into blood pressure monitors. The company has come up with a blood pressure cuff that can plug directly into any iOS device. With the use of an app (available free from the App Store), users are able to obtain blood pressure readings from the cuff. Stats can be saved and recorded for comparison, and even emailed out to your doctor or sent to personal sites like Google Heart and Microsoft HealthVault.

While the app is free for download, unfortunately the cuff which is required for the app to work is not; you can purchase it for $129.99. The Withings Blood Pressure Monitor is also FDA approved, so that should dispel any doubts you have about the device. Find out more about the Withings Blood Pressure Monitor.
source: Ubergizmo

Android U.S. market share slides in March quarter as iPhone gains

Google's share of the U.S. smartphone market dipped for the first time since 2009 according to Needham & Co. analyst Charlie Wolf. Needham says Android's share slid from 52.4% to 49.5% in the first quarter, its first sequential market share loss in any region since the second quarter of 2009. Wolf attributes the dip to the launch of Verizon Wireless' iPhone 4; Apple's U.S. market share ballooned more than 12 points to 29.5% in the first quarter. Wolf believes Android's market share in the U.S. will rebound in the June and September quarters, though it will see a “material decline” in the fourth quarter of 2011 following the launch of Apple's fifth-generation iPhone. “This is just the beginning of Android's share loss in the U.S.,” Wolf wrote in a note to investors. “The migration of subscribers to the iPhone on the Verizon network should accelerate this fall when Apple coordinates the launch of iPhone 5 on the GSM and CDMA networks. The iPhone could also launch on the Sprint and T-Mobile networks.” Hit the break for a graphical representation of U.S. smartphone market share from IDC.
source: Boy Genius Report

Apple iPhone 5 to be major update after all; announcement and availability in August?

While Apple has indeed been giving some developers access to a device known as the iPhone 4S - an iPhone 4 with upgraded internals - BGR has independently confirmed that the next-generation iPhone will not merely be an upgraded iPhone 4 as had been previously rumored. We have been told by a reliable source to expect a radical new case design for the upcoming iPhone, though we have not been given any additional details surrounding the design of the new iPhone case. What about a release, then? The consensus is that Apple is going to announce the next-generation iPhone at the company's annual September event, traditionally focused on iPods, but we have heard it's quite possible Apple will break tradition. According to our source, Apple may hold an event in the beginning or middle of August to announce the new iPhone, with availability to follow in the last week of August. We're not sure if that means the iPod event will be moved up slightly, or if this will be an iPhone-specific event. Thisismynext reported earlier that the upcoming iPhone 5 would feature a new teardrop-shaped case design.
source: Boy Genius Report

Analyst Claims iPhone 5 Will Be Kiss of Death for Android

We heard this one before, back when the iPhone 4 was first announced for Verizon: the carrier's current smartphone subscribers would abandon their Android handsets for Apple's phone after years of settling for less. As it turns out, that wasn't quite the case. But if you're wrong once, why not make the same prediction again and hope that it might come true this time. That's what Needham analyst Charlie Wolf believes, anyway. After pinpointing a 3 percentage point drop-off in Android's US market share in March following the release of the iPhone 4, Wolf claims that Android is only set to lose more ground.

His argument is based more on speculation than fact, but Wolf predicts the real damage will be done with the launch of the iPhone 5 concurrently on AT&T and Verizon. Why? Because Verizon subscribers knew better than to purchase an iPhone 4 mere months before the launch of Apple's next-gen version of the smartphone. Yep, come then we will surely see most of Verizon's Android users abandon their Google phones leading to the greatest decline in market share ever seen for a platform that saw tremendous growth in 2010.

We can't deny that the release of the iPhone on Verizon's CDMA network has had an effect on the smartphone market, but Android still holds nearly 50 percent to Apple's 30 percent. Apple stands to gain more ground from floundering competitors such as RIM, not from Google's platform. To think most Android users are simply biding their time until the right moment to pick up an iPhone just seems a bit silly. But it's all speculation for now. Let's revisit these figures when the iPhone 5 launches this fall.
source: Android Phone

Amphibian Waterproof Hard Case for iPhone 4

The Amphibian Waterproof Hard Case for iPhone 4 from Proporta is tested and guaranteed to be waterproof to 3 meters. You'll be able to take photos underwater, and you can make and take calls while the phone is in the case. The system consists of a hard polycarbonate case that can be used alone and an outer silicone skin that protects against water, dirt, and sand. There's a lanyard attachment point so you can wear it around your neck. The Amphibian Waterproof Hard Case for iPhone 4 is $37.95 at Proporta.
source: The Gadgeteer

Yamaha bring back to Japan its i-MX1 Midi Interface for iOS Devices

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Introduced in Europe early April, Yamaha's new i-MX1 is the company first MINI Interface for iOS Devices including iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Schedule to arrive in Japan early July at a price yet disclosed, the i-MX1 comes with one Midi Input and one Output, the i-MX1 can be used with any tools and software supporting MIDI on iOS Devices but also one of Yamaha's many new Apps designed for it with : Faders, Faders & XY PAD, Keyboard Arp & Drum Pad, Voice Editor Essential, Multi Editor Essential, Performances Editor Essential, St List Organizer and TNR-i. With the Exception of TNR-i announced at 2,300 Yen, all Yamaha's new Apps are sold from today onward are 450 Yen each on the Japanese iTunes store.
source: Akihabara News

Native Union Bluetooth Handset For iPhone

Designed by French designer David Turpin, the Native Union Bluetooth handset will turn your iPhone device into a cordless landline. The device supports the Bluetooth 2.1 multipoint technology, allowing the user to pair and answer calls on two different Bluetooth devices, such as a smartphone and a personal mobile phone, or a phone and a Bluetooth-enabled device (such as a laptop used to make VOIP Internet calls). The gadget also has a high-quality speaker and microphone for optimum call sound quality. What's more, its device charging dock in the base allows you to keep your iPhone device charged and ready to go. $149.99 is all you need to bring home the Native Union Bluetooth handset.
source: TechFresh

Is Apple Slowly Becoming a Patent Troll?

Apple is not giving Samsung any break as Steve Jobs Co. accuses the latter of more patent infringements and adding more Samsung devices that Apple claims as copycats. As of today, the list now includes 12 different Samsung devices that allegedly infringe upon Apple's five design patents.

Apple's updated suit now includes the Droid Charge, Exhibit 4G, Galaxy Ace, Galaxy Prevail, Galaxy S, Gravity Smart, Infuse 4G, Nexus S 4G, Replenish, Sidekick 4G, Galaxy Tab 10.1, and the Galaxy S II.

“The suit may be a bit of a stretch,” says CrunchGear. “There are similarities, yes, but nothing to the point where I wouldn't be able to tell the difference between an iPhone 4 and an Infuse 4G.”

Some claims of design infringements are out of this world, even, like the inclusion of the Sidekick, Replenish, and Gravity Smart. All of them have physical QWERTY keyboards, something obviously absent on any Apple device and we doubt it would appear on any future iDevice.

Apart from the two new design patents into the suit, Apple has also filed a complaint against Samsung for infringing up to eight utility patents.

Samsung has yet to submit their devices for Apple's inspection, while we are also waiting for the judge's decision on whether Apple would have to do the same and hand over the iPad 3 and iPhone 5 to Samsung.

Kapok case gives camera features to your iPhone

So the iPhone 4 is becoming quite popular as a camera. Canopy appears to have seen this coming. Check out their Kapok case for the iPhone 4. It protects your iPhone while also adding several features that are handy for those who may use their iPhone as a camera a bit more often. Made from a plastic core with soft touch coating, it also includes an embedded metal insert to give rigidity for an integrated tripod mount. Features dual, two-stage buttons that perform functions based on application (SDK available). A camera tools application is available from iTunes that allows you to control the camera's functions like a point and shoot. Also includes a mini-USB input port for sync + charge and a mini-USB to USB cable. Available in 5 colors, $69.99 each.
source: The Gadgeteer

Otterbox Reflex iPhone Case Review

Sunday, June 19, 2011

If you own an iPhone and have dropped it, did you have that moment of absolute panic just as it hit the ground? Depending on many factors, your iPhone was either OK, scratched, cracked or dead. Three out of these four possibilities are not good. I will admit, I am a klutz and a little - maybe a lot - paranoid about my iPhone 4 getting damaged in any way. The horror stories I hear and read about make me cringe. So, I ALWAYS have a case on it. I know that cases never look as good as a naked iPhone and if I could be guaranteed mine would never get a scratch on it, I wouldn't use a case. But this is an imperfect world, so I happily ugly-up my iPhone to protect it. Lucky for us paranoids, that's where Otterbox comes in.

Otterbox has been making iPhone cases since the beginning and have many choices depending on your wallet and stress level. I have used both the Commuter and Defender cases and liked them both for different reasons. I prefer the Defender the most, but it hides the iPhone completely. In a recent review, I said the Defender reminds me of those thick-necked bodyguards you see around celebrities. Beauty surrounded by lots of beefy protection. The Commuter case shows off more of the iPhone but offers less protection.

Otterbox has now developed a case that protects as well as the Commuter, but is much slimmer and looks much better. The Reflex case has what Otterbox calls crumple zones, which are similar in concept to bumpers on cars. If dropped, the Reflex absorbs the shock of impact by crumpling, then snapping back into place, leaving the iPhone unhurt. You can see this for yourself in slow-motion on the Otterbox website. It's pretty cool.

Like other Otterbox cases, the Reflex uses both rubber and hard plastic. The difference with the Reflex is that there is no assembly as with the Commuter and Defender. Just snap the two halves together and you're good to go. The plastic acts as a skeleton and the rubber provides shock protection and grip.

Using the Reflex couldn't be easier. Slide the iPhone into the top half and then slide on the bottom half until it clicks into place. When you need to dock the iPhone, just slide off the bottom half and dock. As easy and convenient as this is, I have a couple of issues with this. First, once I get a case on, I want to leave it on. I'm not a big fan of cases in more than one piece. Secondly, when you slide off the bottom half of the case for docking, you have half a case to place somewhere. I have a case from another company that is one piece and is thin enough to dock with just about anything with no problem. But that case does not protect as well. Now if the Reflex could protect as well as it does in one snap-on piece and be dockable, it would be the perfect case.

The docking port, earbud port and silencer switch are not protected. The volume and on/off buttons as well as the iPhone's back glass are completely covered. Each of the four corners have those crumple zones mentioned earlier.

The Reflex comes with one screen protector (which I don't use). Speaking of screen protectors, I used oto have one for the back of the iPhone, but when I first used the Reflex, it peeled that protector right off. Oh, well.

While I am not so dumb as to try to see how many time I can drop my iPhone to test the Reflex, I have dropped it a couple of times on hard tile flooring while using the Reflex. My iPhone escaped perfectly - not a scratch. I shudder to think what could have happened without the Reflex.

The Reflex is Otterbox's most attractive iPhone case so far. It comes in four color choices - black, pink, blue and gray. Note that the color choices are for the plastic only, the rubber is black on all versions. The combination of rubber and plastic is designed tastefully and the workmanship is first-rate. But is it worth $45? Ask yourself: Do you think Apple would replace your iPhone just because you live in a world where accidents happen and well, you know, Apple is such a nice company who employ nice people who like you and feel really bad about that boo-boo on your iPhone?

There's your answer.
source: The Gadgeteer

Joystick-It iPhone Gaming Controller Mini Version Now Available

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Coming only two weeks after Ten One Design announced that their the Fling Gaming Controller was going to be available in a smaller version for smartphones, ThinkGeek announces that they now have a mini version of their Joystick-It controller too. The new mini Joystick-It is available now through ThinkGeek for $17.99.
source: The Gadgeteer

Will the iPhone kill the point-and-shoot camera?

At least one source is claiming that the iPhone 4 is poised to become the most popular camera on the photo site Flickr. Think about it. We bring our mobile phones everywhere, and these days they virtually all have a camera. And these cameras are capable of producing photos that range from decent to excellent quality. The adage, “The best camera is the one you have with you” seems to ring true here. While the “point-and-shoot” camera certainly isn't dead by any means, this trend may mean its days are numbered. And with Apple having recently unveiled new camera features in its upcoming iOS 5, this trend is likely to continue. For me, I know that I shoot a lot more quick photos with my iPhone 3GS, mostly because I always have it with me. What say ye, fellow Gadgeteers? Do you find yourself using your iPhone (or other phone) more often than your point-and-shoot camera?
source: The Gadgeteer

Piolo, the handy little stand for the iPhone 4

Sometimes things don't have so complicated to be useful. Simple can be effective most of the time. For instance, take The Piolo. This simple “stick” may not look like much, but what it lacks in complexity, it makes up for it in usefulness. If you're a fan of watching videos on your iPhone 4, you know how tiring it can get to hold the phone up at the right angle for you to watch, or how tiring your neck will be from looking down on the phone if you leave it on the table or your lap.

Sure, there are docks just for those purposes, but what if you're constantly on the go and can't always bring your dock around with you? That's where the Piolo steps in. This nifty tool that resembles an ice cream stick, with a chunk of it cut out, is meant to keep your iPhone 4 propped up at an angle to allow you to enjoy video calling, movie watching or just using the phone a more pleasant experience.

There's really not much to say about the device - it is simple, and it does the job well. The only flaw I see would be the Piolo being designed to hold objects as thick as the iPhone 4. This means that people with cases on their iPhones will have to remove them before use - but for people with no cases, the Piolo is pretty flawless.

The Piolo is on sale now for only $6 and is available in five different colors - blue, pink, yellow, black, white and red. Head over to the Piolo website to find out more or to purchase one for yourself.
source: Ubergizmo

Project Spartan: Facebook's plan to bypass Apple

Facebook is working on an app platform built entirely in HTML5 and geared for Apple's built-in iOS web browser, Safari. Sneaky.

Tech Crunch reports that Facebook plans to bypass Apple's security guards and sneak in through the iOS back door with its own app-based platform. This will be accomplished by publishing an iOS-focused HTML5 platform within Apple's own Safari browser, the one area in which Apple doesn't have full control.

Called “Project Spartan,” the new platform has already attracted 80 or more app developers including Zynga and the Huffington Post. Unnamed sources claim that Facebook wants to have these apps ready to roll out within the next few weeks for a formal unveiling shortly thereafter, so there's a good chance the apps may not be fully polished at launch. Developers have reportedly been working on the HTML5 apps for a few months; Facebook began constructing the platform long before the developers signed on.

“Imagine loading up the mobile web version of Facebook and finding a drop-down for a new type of app. Clicking on one of the apps loads it (from whatever server it's on depending on the app-maker), and immediately a Facebook wrapper is brought in to surround the app,” Tech Crunch said in a hands-on report. “This wrapper will give the app some basic Facebook functionality, as well as the ability to use key Facebook elements - like Credits.”

The goal of “Project Spartan,” it seems, is to get iOS consumers to use Facebook as the distribution model for games and other apps, not Apple's App Store, Amazon's Appstore or any other distribution platform. But at the same time, the platform will serve as an outlet for developers to create their games and other apps in HTML5 instead of Flash. We already know what Apple thinks of Flash.

“Project Spartan” will also help Facebook push its Credits monetary system out into the mobile sector. Facebook intends to have Credits built-in to alloy developers like Zynga to sell apps and offer in-app purchases. Naturally this system would bypass Apple's own App Store payment system and 30-percent cut, putting consumer dollars directly into the pockets of Facebook and the associated developer.

But naturally there are pluses and minuses about developing apps in HTML5. Taking Apple's route means developers have direct access to the device hardware, but in turn they must shell out a yearly membership fee and abide by Apple's guidelines. Like the initial apps, updates are required to go through an extensive approval process, but users may or may not even download and install those updates. Of course, if said apps were created in HTML5, then updates would be applied automatically. HTML5 apps also aren't bound to Apple's guidelines, but they don't have direct access to iOS hardware.

The Tech Crunch report also states that Android is in the scopes, but for now Apple's iOS is Facebook's primary target. A Safari-compatible HTML5 platform means that app developers have a chance to reach out to iOS consumers on the iPod Touch devices, iPhones and iPads without having to endure Apple's censorship. Does that mean Facebook's “App Store” will be like Google's Android Market and play host to malware and adult content? Most definitely not.

We expect to hear more about Facebook's HTML5 app platform in the coming weeks.

Apple vs. Samsung battle continues

Back in April, Apple put on their boxing gloves and stepped into the ring with Samsung by accusing the Korean electronics manufacturer of copying its products. The legal battle went on for quite awhile, when in May, the Federal Court asked Samsung to provide Apple with samples of its upcoming and recently released devices so that Apple could inspect them. It looks like Apple isn't satisfied with the original lawsuit.

AllThingsD has reported that Apple filed an amended complaint on Thursday, and includes more Samsung devices that have been accused of copying the iPhone and the iPad. The original complaint that was only 38 pages has almost doubled to a hefty 63 pages. In addition to the previously accused Samsung devices, Apple has added: the Droid Charge, Exhibit 4G, Galaxy Ace, Galaxy Prevail, Galaxy S (i9000), Gravity, Infuse 4G, Nexus S 4G, Replenish, Sidekick, Galaxy Tab 10.1 and the Galaxy S II.

How phones like the Sidekick and Infuse 4G ended up there, I have no idea, but it looks like Apple really is going all out to take Samsung down. The two companies have been told by the judge in the case to negotiate with each other, and it has been reported that the top executives of both companies will be meeting up to sort things out. I wonder how all this is going to end.
source: Ubergizmo

Modular music creation app Reactable now available on Android

Friday, June 17, 2011

Reactable is a quote popular iPhone and iPad music generation tool, which uses a weird visual interface to generate sounds and link loops and things together with sequencers. Thereby making music of a sort. It's hard to explain, but does have its own hardcore fan base.

The new Android app costs a pretty hefty €7.99 so here are some stock images from the Android Market listing. We're not risking that amount of money.

Guess you have to be an interested fan in order to know what the hell all that is about. Read more over on the maker's site if you're into quirky mobile music creation.
source: Eurodroid

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