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iPhone 5 Now Rumored to Feature a 4-inch Display, A5 Dual-Core Processor

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Though the source of the rumor can be hit and miss, we do find the timing of any new iPhone rumors during the middle of Mobile World Congress quite captivating. DigiTimes reported earlier today that Apple is not only looking to release a smaller iPhone as reported by Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg, but also a larger-sized iPhone 5 as well to make a bigger difference between screen sizes. Using a 4-inch display instead of the standard 3. 5-inch, DigiTimes reports, would help Apple compete with a surging Android market which sees more and more 4- to 7-inch screens released every day.

TeleNav GPS app launching for iPhone 4 on Verizon

TeleNav has announced that its TeleNav GPS app will be available on the Apple App Store as a free download for the Verizon iPhone 4 gadget upon certification and folks who download it will receive free maps and local search capabilities, along with free access to advanced navigation features, such as spoken turn-by-turn directions and 3D moving maps for the first 30 days after download. After the 30-day trial period is up, users will need to shell out $2.99 per month or $21.99 per year to continue using the advanced navigation features, or continue to use the GPS map and local search capabilities for free.

The app offers some useful features to simplify its usage, such as a Shake-to-Go feature that will automatically route the destination to their home address when you shake the phone. TeleNav GPS is also able to connect to contacts stored in the phone. Folks are currently able to sign up to receive an alert to notify them when the app is available for download.

2D and 3D moving maps are also included, allowing users to see their current location and nearby streets with accurate, moving maps that can be viewed in 2D or 3D and also be zoomed. Since it's an iOS app, it's also important to note that it offers support for iOS multi-tasking, allowing users to use other iPhone apps while the TeleNav GPS app is still running in the background. If you're a music buff, iPod controls are already built-in, so you'll be able to fiddle with your favorite songs will navigating around the city.

Apple To Sell iPhone Nano For $200 Without Contract, Universal SIM & iPhone World Phone Under Works!

Apple is preparing for a global lead with its iconic iPhone smartphone. After dominating years in the lead as one of the best smartphone makers in the world, Apple will possibly reveal a new range of Apple iPhones, which are reportedly smaller, and cheaper. Multiple sources have cited that Apple is already working on a new version of iPhone, apparently termed as iPhone Nano gadget. The "nano" entails the name as the new model is said to be about two-thirds of the size of the current-gen iPhone, i. e. , iPhone 4. Besides this, Apple is also working on a World Mode iPhone that will enable users to use both CDMA and GSM SIM cards in single device.

Download Greenpois0n RC6 to Jailbreak Apple TV and Install NitoTV App

Installing nitoTV on your Apple TV used to involve a mildly difficult SSH process, and for those folks who are turned off by running Terminal and punching in lines of code, the newest version of greenpois0n (RC6) might pique your jailbreak interests. It'll perform an untethered jailbreak (meaning, you can reboot your iProduct without the need to re-JB), freeing your device (iPhone, iPad, etc. ) running 4. 2. 1 and allow you to fulfill all of your out-of-jail needs. Bundled in this new release is a loader that'll inject nitoTV right onto your little black Apple box.

Unity 3D Gaming Table - the Battle Ground of Android and iOS

If someone asks on the best gaming platform for a smartphone that one of the answers would be the Windows 7-based Unity 3D interactive gaming table.

The table allows the owner of an Android-running smartphone to play against the owner of an iPhone.

The unity 3D gaming table makes it possible for you to use your handset as a gamepad to compete against your iOS or Android operating opponent. It is worth reminding that the table itself is running Windows 7.

To see the gaming table in action check out the video below in which the user of an Anroid-powered HTC Evo 4G attempts to square-off an iPhone 4 user in a wave race.

Hitachi Maxell to release Wireless Power transmission solution for iPhone4

Hitachi has introduced this Monday in Japan a series of wireless power transition pad and case for the iPhone 4. Set to be available in Japan around May, this new Wireless Power Transmission solution is compliant with WPC's standard by harboring the Qi Mark and will be capable to accommodate two iPhone4 (fitted with the WP-SL10A.BK Power sleeve) at once on its PAD, the WP-PD10.BK.

Hitachi will propose two different packs including One Pad and One iPhone4 Sleeve for 6,900 Yen while an additional sleeve will be sold around 2,900 Yen.

“iPhone Mini” Rumors Continue to Swirl

More and more credible news sources claim that the so-called mini version of the iPhone is the real deal.
This time, Wall Street Journal, citing “sources close to Apple, reports that the upcoming iPhone Nano would not only be lighter and smaller, but would also have an edge-to-edge screen. This means that the Home button would be eliminated in favor of a more gesture-oriented navigation.

Also in the report is a rumor that Apple would be waiving its US$99 annual MobileMe service fee and provide it free of charge. Apple has yet to respond to any of these speculations.

iPhone 5 rumours suggest a bigger 4-inch display

Apple always stays clear of Mobile World Congress, choosing instead to unveil its handsets with a whoop and a holler in San Francisco. Despite the furore happening with handset launches in Barcelona now, it just wouldn’t be a tech week without the odd Apple iPhone rumour.

Today the rumours from earlier in the week that Apple will be bringing out an iPhone Nano have had a firm quashing, thanks to two separate reports that Apple’s next iPhone will in fact be larger. Sources who claim to be close to the part manufacturing process claim that 4-inch displays are currently being tested.

The strength in the rumour is that Apple needs to compete with the spate of Android phones – such as the Galaxy S 2 and the HTC Desire HD. One thing to consider is what Apple said of its iPad: that they wouldn't make a smaller 7-inch version because their 10-inch model is the optimum size. The same may ring true of the current iPhone - not to mention the rich ecosystem of iPhone apps, which would all need to be completely re-programmed to fit a screen with different dimensions.

Apple trying to reduce iPhone's cost, not developing a mini version anytime soon

Friday, May 27, 2011

New York Times carries some nice iPhone news today. According to them, “Apple is not currently developing a smaller iPhone,” and that the company is “not planning to introduce a smaller iPhone anytime soon. While the publication doesn't outright deny the existence of such a device at any point in the story, it does quote an anonymous Apple executive as saying that it doesn't make sense for the company to create multiple iPhone form factors at any given time, and an anonymous Apple engineer as saying that cheaper components, not a smaller size, would make for a cheaper overall price.

Hitachi Maxell Wireless Power Charger For iPhone 4

Charging your devices is always a hassle since most chargers may not be the most convenient means to charge them. Device users have to deal with cables and connectors to charge different devices. In the case of the Apple iPhone 4, Hitachi Maxell has introduced a Wireless Power Transmission system that will make charging the said device in a more convenient way.

The new Hitachi Maxell Wireless Power Transmission system is composed of a charging pad and a charging sleeve attached to the iPhone 4. This system makes use of electromagnetic induction technology in order to charge the device without the use of wires. Users would only need to place their iPhone 4 on top of the charging pad in order to charge it. This provides a convenient means of charging devices since wires have been eliminated this time. The Hitachi Wireless Power Charging gadget system for the iPhone for is expected to be available in Japan around May. It is expected to cost around 6,900 Japanese Yen or US$83 for a set of one charging pad and one iPhone 4 sleeve.

AuraSound Sound Station

Although portable media devices have become quite common and popular nowadays, the best means to listen to them is by using good quality headphones. That won’t do with some people who look for better sound quality that they know some portable media devices are even capable of. For selective audiophiles, the new AuraSound Sound Station may just be able to satisfy such high regard for sound quality.

The new AuraSound Sound Station is being introduced as the world’s first universal media player. It has the features that can unleash the full potential of digital media in a compact device. The AuraSound Sound Station is designed to provide excellent audio quality by using advanced amplifier and driver technology. It is touted as a universal media layer in that it can support a number of multiple media devices as well as offer a wide range of features.

The AuraSound Sound Station features a powerful sound system with a 7 inch color touch screen display. It also works as an iPod/iPhone dock, a digital picture frame, Internet Radio, alarm clock and video player. The AuraSound Sound Station already provides a complete integrated solution is just a single device. It has recently been introduced in the market although no date has yet been provided for its release. Its pricing details have not yet been given as well.

Table Connect - Multi-Touch Table for iPhone Applications

Although there haven't been complaints about the size of the iPhone's screen, some users decided that it would be interesting to create a bigger display, and they developed the Table Connect.

The device represents a 58-inch display that has a dock connector for an iPhone. It supports iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4. However, older versions of Apple's handset will not work, because of the slower processors.

All that is needed is to plug an iPhone into the dock and you get a 58-inch multi-touch table computer.

Then you can run all the applications that are available on the handset. The iPhone can be connected only via cable, due to the fact that the table does not support Wi-Fi connectivity.

WOWKeys Keyboard from Omnio Is an iPhone Dock as Well

Despite the fact that a wide variety of iPhone docs has been launched into the market for the past couple of years, there is still enough room for more ideas.

One of the new devices recently unveiled by Omnio is a keyboard that doubles as a docking station for iPhone.

Dubbed WOWKeys keyboard, the Apple-certified iPhone dock allows you to make a computer out of your iPhone.

It is worth mentioning that the iPhone is connected in place of the number-pad that is usually found on conventional keyboards.

The device features such additional buttons like "volume, display-off, brightness, media keys, keyboard toggle and a home-screen button." It also serves as a recharging source for the iPhone.

Besides, the WOWKeys keyboard gadget can be connected to a Mac or PC, via USB cable. In this case, using some additional apps you can use the iPhone as a remote control or a trackpad for the computer.

Eton Presents Soulra - Solar-Powered iPhone and iPod Dock

Eton's Soulra is an iPhone dock that was built to be used outdoors. The sound system boasts high-efficiency solar panel that allows the device to harness solar energy in order to provide music whenever you are. Soulra measures 11.9 x 6.6 x 3.5-inch (301 x 168 x 89 mm).

The system has a rubberized aluminum exterior that allows the dock to resist tough weather conditions. During a sunny day the device can play music and recharge its two-cell 2000 mAh, 7.4V lithium-ion battery pack, while at night or during a cloudy day the dock offers enough power to play non-stop music for 4 hours, which charging the iPhone and iPod.

Two 11W full-range speaker drivers are located on the left and right sides. Under the cover located between the speakers there is the docking bay that is not only compatible with the iPhone, but also with a number of Apple's music players, including different generations of the iPod, the Nano, the Touch and Mini. Besides, there's an audio line-in socket at the back, which allows connecting another player to the dock.

The underside of Soulra's cover features a 5.11-inch (130 mm) square solar panel. The latter was made using high efficiency monocrystal solar cells and boasts a maximum power output of 230 mA / 2 W. If you want to own this device, you will have to pay $ 200.

Apple to Develop Cheaper, Not Smaller, iPhones

Looks like the iPhone Nano news is a bust after all. The New York Times reported that Apple is looking for ways to broaden the appeal of the iPhone not by making its iconic smartphone smaller, but cheaper.

According to NYT’s anonymous sources, who claim were briefed on Apple’s plans, the future iPhone may even allow users to control the device using voice commands and it is likely to be similar in size to the current iPhone 4. It is also unlikely that Apple would develop a smaller iPhone any time soon.

The sources also added that a smaller smartphone is not necessarily cheaper to make and would even be more difficult to operate. It would also force many developers to rewrite their apps to compensate for a smaller screen, which Apple wants to avoid.

iPhone 4 has pattern locking, but you can't use it

Does the screen above look familiar to you? That's supposedly the famous 'nine-dot pattern lock option' of Android, but how come it's on an iPhone? This thing is supposedly 'uniquely' for Android, it's been there ever since the G1. Apparently the iPhone also has this feature on an app, but only used by Apple internally. What you're looking at here is one of several screens obtained by 9 to 5 Mac, allegedly showing a version of Apple's employee-only AppleConnect app with support for pattern locking to keep prying eyes out.

ZeroChroma iPhone 4 Case at Brilliant Design and Amazingly Useful!

Smartphones are used for much more than just making calls. Gamers use it for playing games, people like me use it for constantly reading up on news material and movie fanatics are glued to apps like Netflix, Hulu, etc. Similarly iPhone cases are designed to serve a specific purpose or two. Some are made to protect the phone from scratches, some to protect from accidental drops, and the one we are reviewing today is best used for watching media content on your iPhone.

iPod/iPad and iPhone HDMI Video converter

Apple introduced a few days ago an official HDMI converter made for iOS devices and it is now the turn of Princeton to do the very same thing with its PIP-HDU1. Supporting pretty much any iPod including the iPod nano 3rd, 4th, 5th, iPod Classic, iPod Touch 2nd, 3rd and 4th as well as All iPhones (3G, 3GS and 4) and both iPad and iPad2, the PIP-HDU1 will allow you to display movies, photos and YouTube video (when compatible) to any HDMI capable TVs!

Verbatim Wireless Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard for iPad and iPhone

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The iPhone and iPad are pretty darn fine devices in their own right, otherwise how else are you able to explain the phenomenal sales figures of both, alongside frenzied lines that form with the release of each device, what more the iPad 2? This just goes to show how popular Apple products are throughout the world, and that is certainly an opportunity for other third party accessory manufacturers to churn out accessories to go with your iOS-powered devices.

Verbatim, being a name that is more often than not associated with storage devices, are now back with their Wireless Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard for both the iPad and iPhone. Makes perfect sense, and chances are business oriented folks will be picking this up since they would most probably find it to be rather challenging to churn out a business document in record time using nothing but a touchscreen display interface and virtual keyboard.

Shipping to retailers nationwide, the Wireless Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard for iPad and iPhone was specially designed to work with Bluetooth-enabled iPads and iPhones. Coming in an extremely slim form factor, this foldable keyboard gadget will be able to deliver a far more familiar typing method to both iPad and iPhone users, as it makes it a whole lot easier to compose e-mails and other important documents using their touchscreen devices.

Apart from that, the keyboard’s media console can also play, pause and control iTunes music directly without missing a beat. As mentioned earlier, its form factor makes it a snap to tote around, and when folded, you can stuff it in just about any pants pocket. Each $79.99 purchase will be accompanied by a premium carrying case and iPhone stand, where the latter is a snap to slide away and stored into the keyboard body itself, doubling up as a convenient way of doing things while offering protection simultaneously.

Just make sure you have enough AAA batteries to go along with the Wireless Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard.


Peel Turns Your iPhone into a Universal Remote for Home Entertainment

A common problem among home owners is when it comes to home entertainment, they often would have to deal with a lot of remote controls. And although there have been universal remotes around, like the Logitech Harmony devices, these cost more than US$100.

Peel, a Santa Clara-based startup introduces a new system of controlling your home entertainment components using your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad, and a gourd-like accessory called the Peel fruit.

The plastic fruit works as a middleman between your phone (or tablet) and your TV components. It uses WiFi connection to relay commands from the smartphone to the fruit, which then transmits the appropriate infrared signals to all of your hardware devices.

Using a free Peel app for your phone, and a $99 plastic gourd (which is available on the Apple Store), you can control almost everything from changing channels to swapping between different content sources. You can even customize the app so that it only recommends programs you are interested in.

Keep in mind that you have to position the fruit device where it can “see” all of the components. This means you will have to put it several feet in front of the TV set.

Setup is almost easy. Simply install the app and connect the device, then you are introduced to a wizard that would automatically figure out all the remote codes of the components. However, expect a lot of trial-and-error, especially if you have a lot of hardware.

Peel has also announced about a partnership with TiVo that will allow the app to navigate through show you have recorded on your DVR. It also plans to launch an integration program with Netflix within the year, as well as a version for Android devices.


64GB iPhone engineering prototype' smuggled out of Foxconn

C. Gadget has acquired an interesting treasure from China, a 64GB iteration of Apple's iPhone. Rumors of the existence of a high-capacity iPhone have been circulating the web for the last few days, but this is the first time we've been treated to crystal clear images and video of the handset. The device, for the most part, looks identical to the current iPhone 4, but bears its closest resemblance to the lost iPhone purchased by Gizmodo last year. The 64GB iPhone gadget, which is being described as an “engineering prototype,” lacks the plus and minus engravings on the volume keys and the silver ring which the surrounds the camera lens is also absent — both emissions on Gizmodo's model as well.


Apple passes on NFC in iPhone 5, report suggests

According to information garnered by UK paper The Independent, Apple will not include Near Field Communications (NFC) technology in its next generation iPhone. Citing sources at “several of the largest mobile operators in the UK,” the paper states that Apple informed mobile carriers of its decision to forgo NFC over several meetings.


Phil Schiller: White iPhone Will Be Available This Spring

The reply? “@airickanderson Hi Eric. S consider that spring begins on March 21st, then Apple has until has until June 21st to deliver. Further, June is the month when Apple traditionally releases new a iPhone. Could it be that there will be no white iPhone 4, but instead a white iPhone 5? After all, neither tweet mentions model number. On the other hand, Apple does like to dominate the news, and manages to come up with some buzz-worthy announcement every few weeks. Any problems with white hardware have clearly been fixes, as proven by the white iPad, so maybe we'll get one in the next few weeks.


iPhone Cases Made from Skateboards

Let's face it, the iPhone is the must have item of this decade, but it's extremely prone to slipping out of your hands and breaking. The normal iPhone cases come in a variety of colors and designs, but it's really the collaborative artists who come up with some real funky ideas. These iPhone cases gadget are made from old skateboards handpicked to create a nice color coordination and then sanded, sliced, glued together and then painstakingly cut to fit the iPhone dimensions.


iPhone app lets you shoot photos of cars to check on prices

If you are in the market for a spanking new car if you have the dough for it, or a second hand car at least if times are hard? se has just rolled out a new iPhone application that lets you shoot a photo of a car's license plate, letting you retrieve specifications and compare prices for said vehicle – assuming the app gets the “interpretation” of that image right. Of course, all it needs to do actually is check out the government registration database in order to locate the car's make and model, checking such information against their own database so that the right information will be sent to the relevant users.


Quattro robot plays games on the iPhone

Ever wondered about whether there is someone out there who is able to beat you at your favorite game on the iPhone? Well, if the humans can't do it, how about calling in something heavier in the form of a robot – the Quattro robot, to be more specific. Created by Adept Technologies, this robot is touted to perform pretty well when it comes to playing iPhone games, and its “show off” game would be 1to50, a simple title which requires you to tap the numbers “1″ to “50″ on a screen of jumbled numbers in the shortest time possible.


An iPhone App that Controls Hot Tubs

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Canada-based Arctic Spas wondered how they could make their hot tubs adapted into the new tech-crazy decade. Their solution: An iPhone app.

The Arctic Spas iPhone app enables its customers to control the temperature and water jet pressure of selected hot tubs, particularly those equipped with a WiFi module. It can even detect the hot tub’s current temperature even if the user is hundreds of miles away.
The app is especially good for reporting errors and malfunctions such as loss of power. Users are notified with a pop-up in case their hot tub has a problem, prompting them to call customer service or the nearest Arctic Spas dealership.

This feature, however, is not available on iTunes or any app store, but on Arctic Spa stores as an add-on option. It retails for about US$300 and can be added into your iPhone even after customers have bought their hot tub.


Grace Digital Eco Extreme Waterproof Speaker Case

With smartphones and other pocket sized media players becoming highly valued devices, its owners may want to provide a higher level of protection against damage for them. But most of such devices may not always be adequately protected from the various elements. That is why cases like the Eco Extreme from Grace Digital may actually become quite handy.

The Grace Digital Eco Extreme gadget is a unique waterproof case that can protect most mp3 players as well as mobile phones like the iPhone, the iPod, Motorola Droid and Blackberry phones. This casing is built with a rugged and rubberized protective outer layer that not only protects a device inside it from dust but also from water. It also comes with a built-in 3″ full range speaker that will allow users to listen using the device protected by the casing. The casing can also be sued to protect credit cards as well as cash along with other devices from the sun, sand and water. The Eco Extreme Waterproof Speaker Case is available at Grace Digital for US$50.


iPhone 5 with 4-inch display, metal chassis may launch in Q3

A report on Tuesday from Chinese financial paper China Times suggests that Apple's next-generation smartphone has entered trial production and is scheduled for a third-quarter launch. Apple released the iPhone 4 late in the second quarter of 2010, however some speculate Apple may push its iPhone 5 launch back to July or even later in an effort to place more space between its release and the launch of Verizon Wireless' iPhone 4, which became available this past February.


Gevey SIM unlocks your precious iPhone 4

2.1 or above, you would most probably have realized that no unlocking software is currently available for the accompanying basebands. While everyone waits for the Dev-Team to roll out their very own house remedy, Gevey has decided to roll out a $70 imposter SIM that is touted to unlock your smartphone without having to jailbreak it first, since all the current basebands are found embedded within 4.0 – 4.3. The steps to make use of the Gevey SIM does seem to be inconvenient, and you will need to repeat all of the steps again if you decide to switch off the phone. Guess we will wait for a permanent unlock solution you'll need to do all of this again if you switch off the phone. Oh, and we should mention this involves snipping off a corner on your SIM card, and carriers tend not to like that. Our recommendation regarding this contraption? If you're absolutely in the need of a carrier unlock and have the cash, proceed with caution. Otherwise, patience is your answer as you await someone to roll out a permanent solution.


Chinon Avi Stylix iPod And iPhone Dock

Just as the Apple iPod and iPhone goes through different evolutionary stages in terms of its design, so does the accessories and devices that are made for them. You can just consider how the iPod and iPhone docking stations have changed from when they first came about sometime ago. And in the case of the new Chinon Avi Stylix, the changes may be more evident.

The Chinon Avi Stylix iPod and iPhone docking station is no longer just any other dock to play music and charge your Apple iDevice. It now offers video playback and stream Web videos from YouTube as well as Netflix via your iPhone. This dock may depend on the Internet connection of your iDevice to make this possible though. This docking station now features a 7-inch high resolution LCD display, about 3 times the size of the iPhone display screen. It also comes with the usual dock features like speakers, connector port, USB and SD card slot, radio, alarm clock and a remote control. The new Chinon Avi Stylix iPod and iPhone Dock gadget is expected to be made available at Chinon USA in June of this year for US$100.


Hanwha unleashes HDMI / USB adapter for iPad, iPhone 4, and fourth-gen iPod touch

Feel the desire to watch your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch (fourth gen) videos on the big screen, but looking for something with a little more girth than Apple's HDMI solution? Hanwha's latest dongle might do the job. As you can see above, in place of the original adapter's dock connector port is a USB 2.0 socket - compatible with cameras supporting mass storage connection - alongside the 720p-friendly HDMI port, but you'll have to use the switch to toggle between the two modes. And that little mini-USB port on the far right? Well, it's there to provide some juice to "reduce battery drain," but probably not enough to charge up your iDevice. If you're still interested and have a friend in Japan, Hanwha's charging ¥5,980 (around $73), which is almost double that of Apple's $39 connector. Is USB support worth such a price jump? Your call.


SteelSeries 7H Headset for iPod, iPhone and iPad

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Along with the Siberia v2 Headset, SteelSeries also announced the 7H Headset for iPod, iPhone and iPad. Priced at $129.99 / €114.99 (MSRP), the 7H headset is the newest introduction to SteelSeries’ premium audio line-up. Its interchangeable earcups allow the user to choose between hear-through cloth or noise cancelling leather. The headset is also equipped with the 50mm drivers and enables users to disassemble it into four pieces for easy travel.


iRig Microphone for iPhone, iPod, and iPad

Having a separate microphone for the iDevice may seem excessive, but simply relying on the gadget's built-in mic may not provide the clearest sound you want to project on situations like making a podcast or video conferencing. There have been many mics for the iOS devices, but most are desktop types and not a single handheld accessory until the iRig was introduced.

The iRig voice microphone connects to the iPhone, iPod, and iPad with a 1x8″ jack. It also has a three-position gain control on the body. The iRig also comes with a Vocalive app that adds effects to voice and lets users share its files to friends.

Engadget has reviewed the iRig, which was given a rating of 6 out of 10. You can check the source link for the reasons why.


iPhone 5 likely to be announced on June 6 (at WWDC 2011)

Just like it did last year, Apple will probably announce a new iPhone - iPhone 5, assuming this is its real name - during the Worldwide Developers Conference, in San Francisco.

We now know that WWDC 2011 will kick off on June 6, thus this is the date when iPhone 5 should be officially unveiled.

Apple says that WWDC 2011 will provide "a preview of the future of iOS and Mac OS X", hence some other new hardware besides iPhone 5 could be unveiled there.

As a reminder, the new iPhone 5 gadget should feature a larger (4 inches) display, 8MP camera, and a dual core processor – like the iPad 2. It may look like the device seen in the image above, although, of course, we can’t be sure of anything at the moment.


Banana TV Streams iOS Video, Pictures to Mac

Banana TV enables an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad to stream photos and video to a Mac.

One of the coolest gimmicks of iOS is AirPlay, a button you press on an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to stream photos, videos and audio to a huge display connected to an Apple TV. Problem is, you can't normally use this nifty feature without your Apple TV (or an AirPort Express, if all you want is audio).

Enter Banana TV, a Mac app that allows you to use AirPlay to beam your videos and photos from an iOS device to a Mac. This way, you can enjoy streaming your media onto a bigger screen even if you don't own an Apple TV.

The best part about Banana TV is it's seamless. Launch the app and it's ready to go, so long as your iOS device and Mac are on the same Wi-Fi network. On your iOS device, open any AirPlay-compatible video or photo, and an icon will appear to stream it via AirPlay. Hit the AirPlay icon and boom, the picture is displayed on your Mac.

This will come useful in many scenarios. Say you're visiting relatives who have a 27-inch iMac, and you want to share photos of your family vacation, stored on your iPhone. Just load Banana TV on their iMac and stream it from your iPhone with AirPlay.

Or let's say you give presentations at work, and the PDFs are stored on your iPhone. Just connect your Mac to the projector, run Banana TV, open the PDFs on your iPhone and hit the AirPlay button. Voila — the image will be showing on the projector, and you can swipe the screen to move between PDFs while you're giving the presentation.

Created by prolific programmer Erica Sadun, Banana TV cost $8 over at It's not available in the Mac App Store, probably because Apple wasn't cool with people reverse-engineering the AirPlay code, according to Sadun.

“There's never been anything Apple's built that I haven't wanted to reverse engineer somehow,” Sadun said. “I'm sure there's probably medication for that, maybe therapy.” previously covered Banana TV, which was formerly called AirPlayer, when it was still a work in progress. The near-final version of Banana TV released last week is snappy and fast, as if it came straight from Apple headquarters. It's a must-have app for any Mac customer with an iOS device.


JBL OnBeat Sound Dock For iPhone/iPod/iPad Is Compact, Stylish And Powerful!

JBL just announced a stylish and substance-filled sound dock for iOS devices. It's officially christened as JBL OnBeat and appears to be a device of fairly good mettle encased in a beautiful build.

The JBL OnBeat iPhone and/or iPad dock lets you easily slip your iPad or iPhone on the included connector-laced mount on the dock allowing you to channel audio through the connected dock's speakers for a high-quality room-filling sound.

Once the iPad/iPhone is docked into the JBL OnBeat dock for iPhone and iPad, your iOS device is simultaneously charged even as you enjoy playing your favorite media on your iPad. Compact in build and stylish in design, the JBL OnBeat dock for iPad and iPhone is also compatible with Apple iPods.

The device comes with an IR remote which enables you to swiftly change tracks and navigate through your idevice's menus even from up to 15 feet away. While in the close proximity of the device, you can also use the easy-to-use touch controls on the device to operate it.

Featured : JBL iPad Dock / JBL iPhone Dock

It draws its power from an AC charging outlet and also powers your device when it's docked so don't have to worry about running out of battery when your iPhone or iPad is used with the dock.

Other interesting features include provision for composite video output to display video content on TV, dual Phoenix full-range transducers with computer-optimized DSP equalization, high power output, USB and auxiliary input support, and much more.

Here's an excerpt from JBL in this regard :

“The JBL OnBeat™ docking station is more than just a speaker dock that works with the iPad device. It's a great-sounding home entertainment system in the JBL® tradition. Dual JBL Phoenix full-range transducers with 2 x 7.5-watt amplification and computer-optimized DSP equalization deliver impressive frequency response (70Hz - 20kHz) with minimal distortion, even at high output levels. You'll hear your favorite music with accuracy and detail you wouldn't have thought possible from a system this size.“

It will be exclusively available from Best Buy in Black color.


JBL intros OnBeat iPad / iPhone / iPod speaker dock, prices it at $150

This planet we call home needs another iDock about as bad as we need another Charlie Sheen running around aimlessly, but no matter - we're getting one, and it's being delivered from JBL. The company has just outed its first-ever iPad speaker dock, the OnBeat. Truth be told, it's capable of handling iPod touches, iPhones and iPads (no word on the iPad 2), but it's clearly engineered to hold the largest of the bunch best. Aside from providing joints and jams to those situated in your living room (or basement, if that's how you roll), it can also pipe Netflix and YouTube content directly to one's television via a composite video output, and if you're running around sans an iDevice, the 3.5mm auxiliary jack ensures that any other source will still function just fine. You'll also be able to charge and sync any docked devices, but you'll be asked to dole out $149.95 in order to bring one home when it ships next month.


Witness Turns Your Mac and iPhone into a Burglar Alarm

Monday, May 9, 2011

Witness uses your Mac's iSight camera to detect movement and sound the alarm

If you own both a Mac and an iPad, it's a fair bet that you also have a home stuffed with other electronic gear, the kind of gear that burglars like to, well, burglarize. Luckily, there's an app for that.

It's called Witness, and it turns your Mac into a motion-activated security camera. When running, it monitors your room with using the iSight camera, and when it detects movement it sends an alert to your iPhone gadget or iPad.

Included with the alert are photos and videos, so you can either rest easy knowing that Kitty has jumped up on the desk again, or watch in horror as your home is emptied miles from where you are standing.

Forgot to activate the alarm? You can do it remotely from the phone.

Witness seems like a great idea, but for a couple of things: you need to leave your Mac running 24x7 while you are away, which is something of a waste of electricity. It also requires an internet connection, so the smart thief could just cut the power on entry — it's pretty unlikely that your Mac is out in the hallway where the breakers are often kept.

Aside from this, though, it's nice not to be worrying about the house when you're out. The Mac App costs $40, and the companion iOS app is free.


iPhone 5 and iOS 5 Coming on June 6 at the WWDC 2011

Apple has confirmed that it will hold annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) June 6 through June 10, 2011 at San Francisco's Moscone West, where company will unveil the future of iOS, iPhone and Mac OS.

Press Release
"CUPERTINO, California - March 28, 2011 - Apple® today announced that it will hold its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) June 6 through June 10 at San Francisco's Moscone West. At this year's five-day conference Apple will unveil the future of iOS and Mac OS®, including exciting demonstrations of the new kinds of apps that developers can build using Apple's advanced frameworks and more than 100 technical sessions presented by Apple engineers.

"At this year's conference we are going to unveil the future of iOS and Mac OS," said Philip Schiller, Apple's senior vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing. "If you are an iOS or Mac OS X software developer, this is the event that you do not want to miss."

Mobile developers will be able to explore the latest innovations and capabilities of iOS and learn how to greatly enhance the functionality, performance and design of their apps. Mac® developers will see and learn how to develop world-class Mac OS X Lion applications using its latest technologies and capabilities. Developers can even bring their code to the labs and work with Apple engineers, applying development techniques and best-practices to enhance their apps.

Activities at Apple's WWDC 2011 include:

more than 100 technical sessions presented by Apple engineers on a wide range of technology-specific topics for developing, deploying and integrating the latest iOS and Mac OS technologies;

over 1,000 Apple engineers providing developers with code-level assistance, insight into optimal development techniques, and guidance on how they can make the most of iOS and Mac OS technologies in their apps;

the opportunity to connect with thousands of fellow iPad®, iPhone® and Mac developers from around the world; and Apple Design Awards which recognize iPad, iPhone and Mac apps that demonstrate technical excellence, innovation and outstanding design.

Go to the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference 2011 website ( to purchase tickets, as well as for updates and more information.

Apple designs Macs, the best personal computers in the world, along with OS X, iLife, iWork and professional software. Apple leads the digital music revolution with its iPods and iTunes online store. Apple has reinvented the mobile phone with its revolutionary iPhone and App Store, and has recently introduced iPad 2 which is defining the future of mobile media and computing devices."


iPhone 5 with Sony camera sensor? [Sony CEO leak?]

During an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Sir Howard Stringer (Sony's CEO), mentioned that the tsunami would delay the shipment of Sony's best camera sensors to Apple. The thing is, Sony isn't known to supply sensors to Apple for current products, so it seems logical that Sony's CEO was talking about the next-generation of Apple products, namely the iPhone 5 gadget. We've played with Sony's latest and greatest Exmor R sensor (link, head to the photo capture section) and we can tell you that it is indeed quite amazing in low-light conditions. It's way beyond today's iPhone 4.

At the same time, there are rampant rumors about Apple not selecting OmniVision, the current camera sensor provider. Back in December 2010, Sony bought a CMOS chip plant from Toshiba, in the hopes to serve more handset customers. This investment might have come to fruition. The iPhone 5 is rumored to be delayed until October, because of a combination of iOS delay, and component shortages, following the tsunami in Japan.

If this is true, the next iPhone will have a great low-light shooting capability. Let's hope that Apple will eventually upgrade the iPad 2 cameras too. Photo samples in the full post.


Onkyo announces HT-RC370 and HT-RC360

Onkyo has just announced that they will be replacing their two current home theater receivers - the HT-RC270 and HT-RC260 with two new models: the HT-RC370 and HT-RC360. The new home theater receivers will be among the first AV receivers equipped with the new Marvell Qdeo 4K video upscaling processor. This allows users to upscale video to 1080p and beyond to as much as 4k of horizontal resolution, regardless of the source resolution. With 4K video display technology not yet on the market, you can be sure that you'll stay future-proofed with one of these babies.

A front-panel USB port reads audio files from USB devices or iPods and iPhones gadget - it'll play all your music when you're not watching movies and since the receivers are both network-capable, they support PC audio and Internet radio from services like Pandora, Napster and SiriusXM Internet Radio as well. Other features include 7.2-channel surround sound, lossless HD surround sound via Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio codecs, advanced HDMI interface Onkyo's latest GUI, and more. The receivers will both be available this month, with the HT-RC370 costing $849 and HT-RC360 gadget $549. Head here for more details about the receivers.


GoPano Micro Takes 360-Degree Videos on iPhone 4

Just when you think making a 360-degree video would be time-consuming and wrist-tiring, then comes the GoPano Micro by EyeSee360. This nifty gadget features a 360-degree lens that attaches to the iPhone 4 gadget. All you need to do is to download the GoPano app and the system lets users perform a circular pan at the swipe of a finger.

Interested to grab one? You need to help the manufacturers fund the production first by going to the source link and invest US$50 to reserve your very own GoPano Micro gadget.


Sony introduces three new iPhone/iPod ready headphones in Japan

With the overhead headphone MDR-ZX300IP and two in-ear ones the MDR-XB41I and MDR-XB21IP, Sony want to bring a full set of compatible headphones to every single iPod and iPhones build since 2009!

All models will be put on the market at the end of this month in Japan and comes with a dedicated remote to allow you to control your iPhone/iPod volume and tracks, as well as including a little microphone in order to be used freely with an iPhone. These headphones are compatible with all iPhone gadget, iPad, iPod Nanon 4th to 6th Generation, iPod Touch 2-to4th generation and iPod Classic 120x160Gb.


Kee Utility Releases Desk Phone Dock For iPhone 4

Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Kee Utility Desk Phone Dock allows you to use your iPhone 4 as an integrated wired desk phone in your office or home environment. You can make and receive calls like you did with an ordinary wired phone. Meanwhile, your iPhone is always fully charged and ready to go at any time. The Kee Utility Desk Phone Dock is very convenient for your business and personal needs. This iPhone dock has built-in two stereo speakers, a microphone, a volume control, an instant mute button and USB/ AC power dual sources. The Kee Utility Desk Phone Dock retails for $149.


Bijin-Tenki the perfect iPhone and Android App

You may remember Bijin Kabuka, a nice Flash Based application that gave us "cute" real time quote of some major financial platforms. And today we found for you another Japanese wonder with Bijin-Tenki. Based on the same basic concept as Bijin Kabuka, Bijin-Tenki, an iPhone gadget/Android-based application will give you daily weather update and forecast introduced each time by a cute little Japanese Babe...

Love it? Want it? Guess what? This App is free and available on iPhone, Android and even Japanese phones.


IScilloscope: $300 Kit Turns iPad, iPhone into Multitouch Oscilloscope

Oscium should have called its iPad oscilloscope kit the iScilloscope
When I saw the Oscium iMSO-104 oscilloscope, I smacked my forehead with my open palm and cried “Of course!” What could be more sensible than taking a bulky, expensive piece of hardware and shrinking it down to fit in an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch?

The iMSO-104 is a combination of a free app and a hardware kit which attaches via dock connector. With these two parts, you have a mixed signal oscilloscope. This isn't an oscilloscope which plays it coy, one day flirting with you and the next refusing your calls. The mixed signals in this case are digital and analog. You get one analog input and four digital, and you can choose to display the signals from any or all on the screen together.

Using the computing power and display of your iDevice means that, according to Oscium, this is the world's smallest oscilloscope. That's neat and all, but it would be a waste if the iPad's touch screen wasn't used.

Happily, it is. Swipe up and down to change the analog input level. Pinch to zoom the axes in and out, and tap and drag to move the input readouts just where you want them.

The app is free to try out, and can be grabbed from the App Store right now. The iMSO-104 kit is just shy of $300, and the first batch — due to ship April 29th — has already sold out. More should be coming soon.


Display Expo 2011: NewSight Japan brings 3D to iPad and iPhone!

Ever wondered what was missing on your Shiny New iPad or iPhone (whatever version)? Nope this isn't NFC, but 3D! And since Steve doesn't believe yet in 3D you will have to rely on clever guys like Kiyoto KANDA to develop a nifty trick that will bring 3D photos to iOS devices like your shiny new iPad 2 by applying a dedicated film on top of your iPad screen associated to a dedicated software that will make 3D photo visible in 3D on your device without loosing its Multitouch functionality.

Despite this trickery the result is in fact quite convincing and really bring acceptable 3D photos to your device for cheap and without the needs to replace your device screen!


iTable iPhone dock looks like a smartphone, acts like a stereo

We've seen enough iPhone docking stations to last a lifetime - we've even seen our fair share of tables that take style cues from the smartphone - but we have to admit, Kyle Buckner's iTable is in a league of its own. This rather involved docking solution combines the aesthetics of the iPhone 4 with a little bachelor-pad-of-the-future flair, allowing its user to summon a set of eight recessed speakers with a simple swipe of the hand. It's also packing a set of four aluminum-trimmed cup holders, complete with LED lights to give your drinks a little mood lighting of their own. The thing's all hand-crafted, and while it was designed with the iPhone 4 in mind, it can be built to fit your smartphone of choice. If you're actually considering purchasing one of these things, may we also suggest a floating bed? Of course, you could always just hop on past the jump .


iTable iPhone dock looks great, but does it work as well?

iPhone docking stations are dime a dozen and have been around for a long, long time, with different manufacturers looking for different ways to make a quick buck. One of the more modern iPhone docks that we've seen so far would be the iTable that you can see above – it looks as though it is shaped after an iPhone, thanks to Kyle Buckner's design. Apart from holding your iPhone, it will also come packed with a set of four aluminum-trimmed cup holders, alongside LED lights that delivers more mood lighting to the overall situation. Since it is hand-crafted, we don't suppose that you can also ask Kyle to build a model that fits another smartphone apart from the iPhone 4 – Android power, anyone?


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