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Chrono iPhone Case Straps you in for a Secure Grip

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Chrono iPhone Case Straps you in for a Secure Grip
Trying to design a better iPhone case ranks right up there with designing a better mouse trap. Everyone thinks they can do it, but only a rare few have. Most iPhone cases bore me because they all look relatively similar and have nothing that makes them stand out from all the other cases on the market. When people send me links to cases that they want reviewed or mentioned, my eyes usually glaze over. So when I saw a new email in my inbox that had the subject of Chrono Case – an "Insanely Great" iPhone Case, I may have actually yawned. But then I read Mike Chan's email about his Indiegogo project (similar to Kickstarter). This case is made of aluminum and features a screwless design and an adjustable strap that is built into the back side of the case. This elastic strap can be used hold items like credit cards, money or your earbuds. But it can also be used as a gripping aid by sliding your fingers under the strap. A $55 pledge gets you on the list for a black Chrono Case. Higher donations will get you other colors. What do you think? Does it have potential?

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